When I came back from the Swiss championships, my coaches and my dad had a long meeting about my training and tennis expectations for the months and years to come. It’s not always easy to manage everything: tennis training, fitness, school, injuries … 

It also took me several days to absorb my underperformance in the championships, but that’s the sport …. I did a check-up with my physiotherapist to make sure that my knees are ok and it is. It’s true that since I had my first rupture of the left ligament in 2016, I still have a lot of trouble dealing with “my knees” and I’m afraid of re-injuring myself.

I spent 3 weeks doing good training sessions and also took advantage of my girlfriends because, for some of them, they are leaving the MTA to go to university in the USA.

It is always easier when there is no school work to do. I’ll give myself one more week off and then I’ll have to tackle my readings which will already count for the French BAC which will take place in June 2021.

At the school level, I passed my second grade with flying colours, finishing with a grade point average of 18 out of 20. Next year, I’m starting my 1st year in the Economics, Political and Social Sciences option with several new branches and there will be work.

I am back in Switzerland since July 28th and will leave for the MTA around September 7-8th, hoping that the Covid will not, again, change all our lives ….

In the meantime, and as all the Junior ITFs in Switzerland are cancelled, I will participate in a series of tournaments, the first of which will be this weekend with the Short Set Open 2020 at the Tennis Club du Stade Lausanne.

Have a nice summer.