After the end of the school year, we decided as a family that I would stay in France for 2 more weeks in order to take part in the Summer Tour at the Académie Mouratoglou, we do as many tournaments as possible, we have to try a little bit of make up for the lack of match. So I did 4 tournaments around Antibes, Saint-Raphael, Toulon and Grasse. I played some good games and some not so good, it was not easy to pick up because my last game was last year. However, I had 2 great performances and I’m really proud of them. Unfortunately, the last tournament was catastrophic because such an intensive recovery left some marks physically. You will find all these results on my site.

In Switzerland, I will do maybe one or two tournaments and maybe an ITF, to see according to the schedule and the form. In the meantime, I signed up for a month at fitness in Switzerland and I go to play tennis from time to time with former girlfriends.

We are really happy that the rhythm of the tournaments can continue at the start of the school year. We have lost a year in the rankings.