Given the health situation we have been experiencing for over a year, I was still able to spend an almost “normal” school year. In any case, with the French BAC and the political science BAC at the end of the year, we should not fall asleep on our laurels.

It was a very busy year at the school level, there was a lot to review for our 2 exams. Since the tennis program (tennis and fitness training) was maintained throughout the year at an intensive level, it was necessary to manage both, which is sometimes very difficult but I got there, I finished my school year very very well and the exams also went well, especially the oral French which, however, distressed me so much.

This spring I also took my SAT exam, which included English texts and English maths, which is a compulsory test to be able to apply for scholarships at American universities. I got a good score but I will be playing it again at the end of August in Switzerland to try to get an even higher score.

On the other hand, concerning the tennis tournaments, they only resumed at the end of May 2021!

So this year was all about tennis training, fitness training and school …

Considering the sanitary restrictions of the boarding school, we could not leave the boarding school, except on Saturdays for a while to go shopping for basic necessities, I think that was the most difficult part for me to manage. .

Now it’s vacation and back to school at the beginning of September I’m starting my last year of high school. This will be loaded because I have to prepare my file and my videos for my application for a university scholarship in the United States as well as all the other exams that will take place in May and June 2022.

Have a nice summer to you all!