The weekend of 30.11 and 1.12.2019 took place the qualifications of the Swiss championships. These took place in the vicinity of Berne, in Münsingen.

I had to win 3 matches to be able to continue in the main draw, that’s the price to pay with my Swiss ranking which doesn’t change too much since I hardly play in Switzerland anymore. In addition, on January 1, 2020 I will move to the W 18&U category so the qualifications are already being done with the girls from 2002.

My first game took place on Saturday late afternoon against a girl R2. I was quite tense in the first set but I was able to relax and win 6/4-6/0.

The second game took place on Sunday at 1pm. I thought it would be the toughest match, I played against a girl R1 who plays well and hard. I served very well and stayed focused the whole game and won 6/2-6/4.

The last game was going to be the hardest, both physically and mentally. Indeed, the girl who wins this match can go into the main draw. I met a girl ranked R1, who has a little bit of the same game as me and also a one-handed backhand. The start of the match was catastrophic, I was hot, I didn’t feel very well and I lost the first set 2/6. I had to get my act together. I was able to count on better 1st balls, more aggressive net plays and more mistakes from my opponent and I won the last 2 sets. So I won this match 2/6-6/3-6-6/2. I was very happy. I am now qualified for the main draw which will take place from 10 January 2020 in the Lucerne region.

After these qualifications, I left directly on Monday morning for the MTA because the end of the 1st trimester is at the end and there are a lot of tests.