I hope you had a great summer, on my side it passed relatively quickly, but I am really happy to be back and meet again all my friends from the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy and our coaches. In fact, this year I have a new tennis coach named Alexandre.

This new year starts even stronger than the previous one, with one more tennis practice per day, as well as private and mental training. Not to mention the school, which is very intensive with the last three years to get the BAC. To give you an idea, we’re starting to get our hands on programming with the Python language (ok, it’s my dad who’s happy since he’s in IT).

That being said, my new Swiss Tennis 2/2019 ranking is at the bottom of my main page. Okay, you’re going to wonder if there’s any real progress, and not as much as I hope. But to be completely honest this is not a surprise since I no longer play in Switzerland except mainly for adult interclubs and Swiss championships. The real progress can be seen with the French ranking since between September 2018 and today, I made a jump of two rankings from 4/6 to 2/6 which is a much better ranking than the one in Switzerland.

We will have to continue in this direction and persevere in ITF tournaments. That is why, in principle, I should travel abroad in mid-October 2019 with a team from the academy, in order to participate in two ITF tournaments in Dakar. Yes, in Senegal, and this is a great first for me. I already have confirmation of being able to participate in both tournaments, and I have just made the different vaccines. I just have to wait for the final confirmation from the academy and my coach who will also make the trip for the girls’ team.

I hope to be able to give you some good news in my next article. See you soon.