My Story



This new year continues for me at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy (MTA). I feel more and more comfortable there, I am getting used to the French school system and my tennis and fitness coaches are very nice. I have also made some girlfriends and the weekends go by more quickly now than they did at the beginning. Not to mention the arrival of Bidi Badu as a new sponsor for this adventure.
The year always starts with the Swiss winter championships, I played a girl N4/54, I lost but I made a very solid match, I lost 6/7-5/7.
In February, I had the opportunity to go to Miami with the MTA to visit some universities and soak up the university atmosphere, it was really a great trip and great discoveries.
The spring was busy, I was able to do my 1st junior ITF tournament in Cap d’Ail, I won my first match, in the second one, I played the seeded girl no 1, but it was a grade 2, I lost but nice experience. Then, I took part in all the interclub matches with my club in Switzerland the Stade-Lausanne. For my part, I won all my singles and with Laetitia, my doubles partner in the IC we lost only one match, in the 1st round of the promotions. We are still in the women’s LNC.
At school level, I finished the year with the brevet, mention bien (Swiss equivalent of the school-leaving certificate) and I obtained a prize from the MTA for my tennis performance and progress, given in person by Stefanos Tsitsipas and Patrick Mouratoglou.

As soon as I got back to Switzerland, I went back to Ticino for the Swiss Summer Championships. I had a very good run there. I passed the qualifications and I won my first match in the main draw and on the doubles side we were, with Emilie until the semi-finals … we had great matches.

The end of the holidays always rhymes with Vaud championships. I was in the semi-finals of the 16 years old category and with Emilie we won the women’s category.

In the meantime, my grandparents took me to a junior ITF tournament in Dijon, great experience, I won a singles match.

Back at the MTA, my routine started all over again. I have two new girlfriends sharing my room. I have 2 new tennis coaches Alex and Yannick and still Manu for fitness. At school level, no exams this year but there will be a lot more homework.

We left an MTA team for Senegal, in Dakar for 2 tournaments. It was a huge experience because we had to manage the change of climate, the mosquitoes, the homework to do from a distance and the emotions. Unfortunately, I lost my first singles match in the first tournament, but with my friend Leilany, we won the doubles tournament !!

2 days of rest then we started again on the 2nd tournament, I lost in ¼ d final and in doubles unfortunately we lost in ¼.

At the beginning of December, there were the qualifications for the Swiss Winter Championships which take place in January 2020. So the qualifications are already in the 18 years old category. I had some great matches and qualified for the main draw in January 2020.

Before going back to Switzerland, during the Christmas Party, I got 3 prizes: the 1st for the most ordained room, with Tipi and Raph, the 2nd as best student of the French school in the 1st term and the 3rd for tennis, good evolution and attitude during the lessons. I am now leaving for the Christmas holidays at home..

For this year 2019, I wanted to thank all the people who support me from near or far but especially Alex, Yannick, Manu, the school teachers and in Switzerland Hervé who is always ready to integrate me in his courses when I’m passing through as well as my club Stade-Lausanne.

For the next year, I’m going to enjoy doing some ITF junior tournaments and, new experience for me, with a friend of the MTA Sara, we integrate the team matches (interclubs in Switzerland) with the Country Club of Monte-Carlo, nice prospect, thanks Alex 😉


The year 2018 begins as usual with the Swiss Championships. After passing the qualifications in December 2018, I was able to go to Krienz. Unfortunately, on my first round, I was opposed to a girl from 2002 ranked N4 and I lost 6/1 – 6/4. Always a good experience. In the meantime, there are the Regional championships where I win the title of winter Regional champion in the 16-year-old category, after having beaten a club friend, also ranked R2, 6/2 – 6/3 in the final.
I continue my winter season by winning the Gd-Prix de Fribourg. It is a Gd-Prix that took place from November 2017 to March 2018, in 5 tournaments. I won it in the R2 women’s category.
On April 1 I get my new ranking and I pass R1. Meanwhile, my dad and my coach Hervé Quéré have put together a project for the future, looking for sponsors and solutions for the future in order to best combine studies and tennis. That is why, at the beginning of the Easter holidays, I go to test an Academy in the south of France, in the Hauts-de-Nîmes. I stay there for 3 days, taking part in school classes and tennis lessons. In the end, I really enjoyed the tennis environment but not the rest.
The following week, I went to a camp for a week with my club, the Stade-Lausanne Tennis Club, at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy (MTA) which is located in Sophia-Antipolis, near Nice. It is planned that, during this week, I will do some tests (tennis, physical and school) with a view to a possible integration for the next year. We really didn’t have any luck with the weather, it was a terrible week, rain, rain, rain, rain,… We were able to get some covered courts, but early in the morning and late in the evening. It was a slightly painful week in terms of sleep with those training hours. On the other hand, the MTA is still great, they really have a great infrastructure. I was also able to do the school tests.
At the beginning of May, I receive feedback from the MTA. I succeeded with the school and sports tests. After many discussions and reflections with my parents, coaches and my main partner, we decide that at the beginning of the new school year I will join the MTA.
So this beginning of summer is a little busy with tournaments, Interclubs and especially the preparation for my departure in September. I am going to the Swiss Championships in Bellinzona at the beginning of July. I lose on the first lap against a R1 5/7 – 4/6. I’m a little disappointed.
It’s a little complicated for me because I left my class and college. My departure for September is also a big concern for me because it will be a whole new adventure with life in boarding school, a new school (French school), leaving my classmates and tennis friends in Switzerland, everything is being pushed around in my head.
We go to Florida with our family for 10 days, we do a lot of nice things (Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, Everglades), really a nice trip. I also take the opportunity to stock up on sports clothes in the outlets!
In August, I participate in the Regional summer championships, in 3 categories, girls 16 years old, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. For the double ladies, I’m associated with my club girlfriend Léa B., we pass a round and then lose in ¼. For mixed doubles, I play with an 18-year-old boy, we go to the final and win the title of DM N2/R5 Regional champions. In singles, I’m going to the final. I play a girl R1 and lose 4/6 – 7/6 – 1/6.
So on September 9th, I’m moving to the MTA.
I will share my room with an Italian and a Danish woman, both at the international school and at the academy since 1 year. We leave for 2 days in integration with all interns and coaches. The 2 days are very complicated for me because I realize that everyone speaks English, I am a little lost… Then I enter the French school, I am in 3rd year of college. There are 6 of us in the class, 4 boys and 2 girls. My classmate is also in the same groups as me in fitness and tennis. I integrate nicely but it’s not easy every day. The 1st trimester, the sport is based on fitness, a big physical work to do. The sessions are sometimes very difficult.
From October, I adapt better and better. I am doing a national tournament in Grenoble, I lose in the 2nd round but 1st good experience.
In college, everything goes very well. There are of course some branches for which I have to work harder and catch up a little bit, but I like it. I finish my first term at the school level with a “Very Good” grade and also with good results in tennis-physics, while having to improve some points.
Christmas holidays are coming up. I’m back in Switzerland for more than a week. I’m happy to cut and blow a little bit….
See you in 2019!


This year begins with the winter Swiss championships. Unfortunately, I lose my first match 0/6 – 5/7 against an R2.

A week later, the regional Winter championships begin. After 3 very good matches, I get qualified for the final which I win 6/4 – 7/5.

After several tournaments through the winter with highs and lows, we leave during the Easter holidays in a training camp with the TC Stade-Lausanne. We are flying with the girls of the “Elite” team at the Mouratoglou’s Academy near Nice in France. A camp which is awesome where we even had the chance to spend a whole day at the ATP tournament in Monte Carlo. In addition, on April 1, 2017 I got my new R2 ranking.

Back from the camp, I participate in my first European tournament with the Junior Open in Montreux. During the qualifications through the weekend I face an Italian player then a French player. My victory in these two matches allows me to join the main draw for the singles and doubles that takes place during the week during school. Thanks to the school’s administration, I can take the necessary time every day to participate in the matches and then catch up what I miss in the class. Unfortunately I lose the single against a French in the first round, but it is a great experience at an international level.

Then I start the Interclubs (IC) the following weekend with my girlfriends from TC Stade-Lausanne. I am part of the 1st women’s league team. During our third meeting of IC and during a double I slip and hurt again my left knee. Catastrophe, everything flies away again. After several examinations the verdict falls, a complete rupture of the internal ligament. After 5 weeks of splints and physio sessions, I start the trainings again 10 days before the qualifications for the Swiss championships. My sports doctor and my coaches were not very warm to the idea that I participate but with my competitive spirit and my passion for tennis I did not let anything go.

So with my family with go to Ticino in July. I play my first match against a R4, I win 6/4 – 6/3. Then I lose the second match 5/7 – 4/6 against a R4 (a girl who lives in Spain and who comes only for these championships, so with a slightly distorted ranking). But it doesn’t matter, for me the most important is that I could play without pain. I feel that I’m still a little scared and the lack of training was still felt. The same evening, we receive a call from Swiss Tennis, they tell me that I am a “lucky loser” and that I can participate the next day in the main draw in singles and doubles. I decide to play the double with my girlfriend from TC Nyon. After 2 wins, we reach the stage of the semifinals. We get beaten pretty easily, match to forget … but very happy to have reached this level. However in single, I’m curtly beat in the first round.

In early August, starts the championships Vaudois, after 2 draws (single and double) not at all conclusive, I reach the final of the mixed double category N2 / R5 with my partner Dimitri Garcia. We lose the final against a pair N2 13 / R5. Very good experience and thank you again to my partner !!!

I step back a little for a few week-ends. I also went with the school to cross the Jura by walk, 80 km. I continue my fall with several tournaments and very good results. On October 1st, I remain ranked R2 but with a good progression. This ranking allows me once again to integrate the “A” Vaudois and since I’m within the 12 best girls from 2003, I have the opportunity to participate to the PISTE Test at Swiss Tennis.



This year was expected to be more difficult as I moved to the category 14&U. I started this year with two tournaments to get prepared for the winter regional championship. During this championship I reached the ½ final and then lost my match in 3 sets.

Then I attended to 3-4 tournaments between the end of winter and beginning of spring, the matches were difficult due to the high level of my opponents. On May 15 during a tournament in Sion I reached the final, unfortunately I felt and seriously injured my left knee after losing the 1er set 5-7. Therefore I had to give up. Diagnostic : Rupture of the internal ligament and very partial rupture of a crusader. So I was forced to reset several weeks. My first sessions of physio could only begin after 15 days.

During this period, I and my parents decided to change the club. Indeed, the Green Club de Romanel there are no girls of my age or level, it became difficult for me to train 4 times a week with boys aged 13-14. At my age, there is a need to share and discuss among girls, even in the sport. That is why, since August I became a member of the TC Stade-Lausanne. I am part of the “Elite” group which includes 8 girls between 12 and 14 years old. I have 4 days of training per week including collectives, physical preparation, yoga, mental preparation and 1x ½ private lesson.

Early July I was able to resume tennis, once a week to start and then 2-3 times a week thereafter. In August, I attended to a camp with the “cadres Vaudois” in Chamonix. An intensive camp but which allowed me to put myself back into competitive tennis.

I resumed competition with the regional summer championships in mid-August. My first match went very well and I then played the quarterfinals against an opponent ranked R3. I unfortunately lost in 3 sets but after 3 months of stop it is already a great result. During the regional championships I also participated in the double and we reached the final with Léa Bonvin from the Stade-Lausanne. In this very tight final we lost in 3 sets but with only one double training due to my injury this is already a good result.

In September, I was also able to join back the junior interclub team (ICJ) with TC Leysin for the final qualifying rounds. Thanks to our victories, we reached the ½ finals and finals that took place in Winterthur on October 29th and 30th 2016 and we finished finalist in the category W15&U.

I also won the internal tournament of Stade-Lausanne against a R3, as well as another tournament in Villars where I won again against a R3. In the last Swiss Tennis ranking on 1 October 2016, I remained R4, only 18 places from the R3 rankings, but I have still won 99 places since the 1 April 2016 ranking, which is very good despite my lack of competition for 3 months. This year finished with the qualifications for the winter 2017 Swiss championships where I won 3 matches which allowed me to get qualified for the main draw taking place end of January 2017.



I continued the tournaments with very good matches, worse and bad … but it is tennis. As of April 1, 2015, I passed R4. I did the ICJ with TC Leysin in the category 15 years because of our ranking. We lost in 1/8 finals but it was again a great experience with some very nice matches. In September 2015, I participated to the finals of the regional championships. I won in the single 12 years and in the double 14-year with my best friend Elodie Baechler from TC Nyon. Since October 1, 2015, I moved from the regional « cadre aspirante » to « cadre performant A ». My ranking is always R4. I train 3 times a week in group lessons of 1h30, 1 time a week in private lesson of 1h00 as well as 2 hours of physics. I hang on, I persevere and continue to train thoroughly to reach a very good level. But it’s not easy as a sport, the mind also plays a big role so not easy when one is a pre-teen girl. I still have to improve my service, my righthand and my backhand with one hand that I only practice since June 2015. In parallel, at school I have 3 hours of school relief. On weekends when there is no tournament, I go out with friends, cycling in family but above all I love to go “sparring” with my girlfriends or buddies or just tap the ball against a wall.
I am a huge fan of Federer, Wawrinka, Bacsinszky and Bencic. I watch all their matches.

In short, I sleep tennis, I eat tennis, I have fun tennis, it is my biggest passion … and I hope to practice it for a long time …

2013 – 2014

Then, at the beginning of the school year 2013, my parents told me that if I wanted to continue to play tennis at that level, I might have to stop athletics, where I would have had to go from 1 to 2 workouts a week and that would have been difficult to manage. We therefore asked the TC Ecublens 3 workouts per week + 1 hour of physics. Unfortunately they have no structure to do it and if you want to progress in tennis, at some point you have to do the physical, there is no miracle. This summer I progressed directly from the ranking R8 to R6 with always as much desire to learn and motivation.

This is how I arrived at the Green Club in October 2013 to join the “competition” pole with 3 workouts per week and 1 hour of physics. I continued at a pace of 1 to 2 tournaments per month with more or less good results, it is not always easy. In March 2014, I passed the selection to enter the « cadres Vaudois aspirants », to finish 1st in my age category and 2nd in all the selection which included 24 players. Being selected, I started from the beginning of school year 2014-2015.

In June 2014, I started the Junior Swiss Interclubs (ICJ) with TC Leysin, since at the Green Club there were no other girls of the same age as myself. The coach of TC Leysin had seen me playing a tournament in Sion and had offered me to do the ICJ with their team. We won all of our matches in the first round without losing a single set.
Then, in September 2014, we passed the 1/8 finals and then the 1/4, which allowed us to go to Winterthur for the 1/2 and Swiss ICJ finals. We won everything !!! What memory ! Swiss Champion ICJ 2014 with TC Leysin. Moreover, from the 1/8 finals we were only 2 players, Emilie Lugon-Moulin and myself. In October 1st, 2014, I passed R5 in the Swiss Tennis rankings.

2011 – 2012

During the 2011-2012 season I did 3-4 tournaments, where I lost all my matches but with always as much motivation and perseverance to finally win 1 game, 2 games and then a tournament. Then I increased my training to 3 times a week in parallel to the athletics where I managed to get through quite well by winning a few medals at the regional championships. The tennis coach told me that my 2 hours of athletic training was my “physical”.


 2003 – 2010

I was born on 29 August 2003 in Lausanne. From the age of 3 years I started parent-child gymnastics. A few months before my 5th birthday I watched a tennis match on TV. It was the tournament of Roland Garros and of course Roger Federer was playing, so I looked at my parents and told them: I want to play tennis, I want to do “like him”.

So that’s how I started playing tennis at TC Ecublens. Once a week, especially in the form of games. The next summer season I started at TC St-Sulpice, once a week. Then in parallel, I started athletics around the age of about 7-8 years. I did a lot of runs « out of stadium » and got very good results, often in the top 5, which is why I started athletics at the Stade-Lausanne Athletics. For 3 years, I reconciled tennis, which I increased to twice a week and athletics. I had to participate in all the disciplines (long jump, throwing of the small ball, sprint and 1000m) but I loved the 1000 meters and the races from 1 to 3 km.
Then, at the beginning of the summer season 2011, I resumed the tennis courses at the TC Ecublens because in St-Sulpice the coach wanted me to start some tournaments. But since I was already quite competitive in athletics my parents found that it was already a lot.
At TC Ecublens, from the first training, the coach told my mom « your daughter has a great game, super motivated, it would be a shame if she did not compete, you must take a license ».

That’s how I got into the tennis competition. I had 2 tennis training and 1 athletic training.