After 4 days of preparation in my club at the Stade-Lausanne, we left on Thursday, January 9th in the direction of Kriens. Indeed, this Swiss Championship takes place in the region of Lucerne, between Kriens and Littau for the matches as well as Dierikon for the warm-ups..

My first match was planned for Friday in Littau in 6th rotation. Might as well tell you it was going to be a long day. After a bad night and a bad morning training, I went to the room to rest for a while. I warmed up again with my coach Hervé Quéré at the beginning of the afternoon and I felt better the ball and the sensations came back nicely. It was then just waiting for my turn but with about 2h30 of delay because of long matches before mine, I spent part of the afternoon in Kriens to watch the other matches. I moved to Littau as soon as the match in 4th rotation was over.

For this 1st round in the main draw of the queen category “W18”, I played a girl born in 2002 and ranked N4/51. I had already played this girl at the same championship and same place 2 years ago. I had lost 1/6, 4/6. I was waiting for this match with a mixture of apprehension and will to take my revenge after 1 year and a half at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. This match was a big battle but I managed to stay solid and concentrated, I served well with about 5 ace and I won 7/6, 7/5! What a great victory! I was very happy, my work is starting to pay off and reading Swiss Tennis, it seems that I was able to create a nice surprise:

Dans la catégorie reine des filles, Laura Wipfli (R2, Ecublens), issue des qualifications, a elle aussi créé une belle surprise. Elle a battu Lisa Küng (N4.51, Stein am Rhein) en deux manches serrées 7-6, 7-5 pour affronter au deuxième tour Julie Sappl (N3.45, Neuchâtel), tête de série numéro 4

No respite, early Saturday afternoon, I had my next game against an N3 45!

After a very good night’s sleep, I was ready for this match. No stress, just take it as an experience and treat myself. I approached the match by being solid and perfectly in my bubble, to win the 1st set 6/2 against an opponent who was perhaps surprised and who seemed to be looking for solutions.

Pictures on the Swiss Tennis website

Then in the 2nd set my opponent regained confidence while I came out of my bubble and started to make a lot of mistakes, to lose this 2nd set 3/6. I couldn’t get back into my bubble in the 3rd set, it’s only when I lost 1/5 that I let go again and it seemed to come back like in the 1st set, but it was too late. I lost that match 6/2, 3/6, 2/6. A little bit of disappointment because I should have managed mentally differently these last 2 sets and the two coaches (Hervé Quéré and Erfan Djahangiri) who followed my matches were of the opinion that I had proved in the 1st set that I could win, but hey, tennis is also a lot of mental. So I’ll have to work on this aspect and it’s perfect because I’m going to start a program at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy.

According to Swiss Tennis, it would seem that my game was in any case fearsome:

La deuxième demi-finale voit aux prises les têtes de série 2 et 4, respectivement Sophie Lüscher et Julie Sappl. Tandis que Lüscher n’a perdu aucun set, Sappl a concédé une manche lors de son entrée en lice contre la redoutable Laura Wipfli

In any case, I had a lot of fun playing against my opponents who had an excellent level of tennis.

I left on Monday morning January 13th for the South of France but I hope to come back to Switzerland around January 23rd for a junior ITF tournament in Oberentfelden. In the meantime, back to school and my trainings..

My schedule for the next 3 months will be very busy as I should in principle go to Grenoble for a tournament and I am also registered for 2 ITF in France. Then will come the team matches during which I will represent the Monte-Carlo Country Club which I joined at the beginning of 2020 as a license holder in France..


Photo credit: Daniela Frutiger/freshfocus