Since the start of the 2020-2021 school year, I have returned to the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy. At school level, I started my 1st year, with the focus on the French bac and political science bac in June 2021. Everything is going very well now. On the other hand, at the tennis level, in view of the health situation linked to Covid-19, it is very complicated. All regional as well as national tournaments are suspended, and we cannot travel abroad. Fortunately, within the Academy we were able to do 2-3 UTR tournaments because it’s good to train but we miss the adrenaline and the stress of competing. The academy also organised the March Madness, here are the photos and video below:

I hope that the team matches can resume in the coming months, in order to play with the Monte-Carlo Country Club, which I joined in 2020 and in which I have my license. In terms of training, we were able to maintain all physical and tennis training. We train with high intensity in order to be better prepared when the competitions can resume in France and we can possibly travel. In the meantime, I also take this opportunity to improve my services during solo training.

Currently, in Switzerland, tournaments have resumed for U18s and under but not for the adult categories. For me, it is currently impossible to return to Switzerland because the Nice region is in the red zone and the Swiss have to do a 10-day quarantine when entering Switzerland. I was able to return for 4 days in February but I was entitled to 3 PCR tests in 7 days and all this with a dispensation from the cantonal doctor to be able to attend my Samaritan course. Indeed, in parallel I gently prepare the driving license. I hope to give you some positive news about individual and team competitions in the future and until then, take care of yourself !