Now the second trimester has just ended and I am fully engaged in the third and final one, but I will come back to it lower.

This second trimester went perfectly well, with an increase in the physical evaluations as well as the intensity of the training. I have not really participated in tournaments in Switzerland, especially since for one of the tournaments in which I should have participated, my Swiss flight was cancelled due to bad weather conditions. This will certainly have an impact on my Swiss ranking, but it doesn’t matter because in recent weeks I have been able to consolidate my French ranking which, according to my coach, should improve very soon.

February was a wonderful month with a week-long trip to Florida to visit universities. We met the athletes there, and even a former Mouratoglou Tennis Academy player who is now studying in Florida. In other words, sport is really part of their daily lives and with structures to make you dream.



I didn’t participate in many tournaments between January and March, this is explained by my trip to Florida and the physical preparation. Indeed, it is quite surprising to see this difference with Switzerland in terms of physical preparation during the winter. The emphasis is particularly on the physical aspect during the winter and it is now that the number of tournaments is increasing considerably. I have been playing in tournaments in the south of France since the beginning of March and I must say that my training has begun to bear fruit, because of the performances I have been able to achieve in recent days.


This weekend I am participating in an internal and team tournament. The “French Team” against the “World Team”, and all this in a great atmosphere since the draw for the ATP Mouratoglou Open tournament took place on Saturday afternoon, March 30, 2019. You’re probably wondering what team I’m on? Well I’m in the “French Team” and I’m competing in doubles this Sunday morning March 31, 2019 with my girlfriend Leilany.




And we won 8/2 :



Then I leave in the early afternoon for Nice to play my first match in a tournament that started in the week of March 25, 2019.

My schedule until the end of June will be relatively busy because I should participate in my first ITFs as well as adult Interclubs in Switzerland, here are the details :

  • Weeks 14-17 : FFT tournaments in the Nice region.
  • Weeks 18-19 : In principle my first two ITF tournaments in Turkey (to see if I can get into the first one which is a grade 3)
  • Weekend of 11-12 May : Participation in adult Interclubs (IC) in Switzerland and under the colours of TC Stade-Lausanne.
  • Weekend of 25-26 May : Participation in adult Interclubs (IC) in Switzerland and under the colours of the TC Stade-Lausanne.
  • Weekend of 1-2 June : Participation in adult Interclubs (IC) in Switzerland and under the colours of the TC Stade-Lausanne.
  • End of June: College certificate in order to start the BAC in September 2019.

In other words, I will have to juggle all these dates in order to be well prepared for the college brevet.

And for the summer, I hope to be able to participate in the Swiss Championships in Ticino, as well as 2-3 ITF tournaments in Europe (Switzerland, Germany and Belgium).