I decided, a little at the last one, to register for this tournament on August 22-23 because I have to get over my loss of confidence and it is only by redoing matches that I will be able to do it.

I haven’t regretted it. I won my 1st match against an R2 6/4-6/2 then my 2nd match against an R1 better ranked than me 6/4-7/6. I was really happy of my level which comes back and of my good services.

Sunday, the ½ final took place, I play against a R1, seeded 2 and after a great 1st set that I won 6/4, I lost the 2nd 3/6 and unfortunately the super tie-break 4/10.

It doesn’t matter, I know what I still have to work on and I finally get my head out of the water!

My next goal is next weekend when I participate in the Interclubs in C league with TC Leysin, I could make 2 matches before leaving for the MTA.