On Friday, December 13th, the traditional Christmas party took place at the MTA. The opportunity for students to dress up and have fun to music.

The management took advantage of this evening to award some prizes, based on the 1st quarter. I obtained 3 prizes: the 1st one concerns the best maintained and tidy room, which I share with Raphaëlle and Tipi, the 2nd prize rewards the best student in the French school, in fact I finish the 1st term with an average of 17.7/20 and the last prize was given to me for my very good results and encouragement at the tennis level. I am super proud because I always work very hard at school and at sports.. 

Besides, my body reminds me a little bit because I’ve been having a cold for several days now but no respite for the moment because I’m in a tournament in Vence



With my coach Alex