After 11 weeks of “confinement” in Switzerland, my friend Leilany and I are ready to go back to boarding school. We have received all the authorizations from the French Consulate in Geneva so that my dad can drive us down on Saturday, May 30.

With hindsight, this period was quite enjoyable all the same and went very well on the whole. As for me, I was able to recover from my injury thanks to my physio who was able to see me once or twice a week. Since 15 days, I have had the green light from the sports doctor in Switzerland to resume tennis at 100% and fitness at 80%.

At school level, we have continued the courses by visions conferences and as we are graded during these weeks where we study at distance, no choice, we must continue to work well!

At the fitness level, we also had 4-5 times a week visions conferences with our coach Manu, top the sessions and always well organized.

From May 11th, my coach from Stade-Lausanne Tennis Hervé, incorporated Leilany and myself in some groups so that we could train. We were able to train 2 to 3 times a week and that’s the best. It also allows me to see my tennis friends again and to have a good time.

Being also a member of the tennis club of St-Sulpice, we have been able to go there almost every day since May 18th. We were lucky because it is a beautiful club just a stone’s throw from the lake.

We also did 2 training sessions with the Leysin-Tennis team and my doubles girlfriend Emilie, what a pleasure!


Because of the sanitary restrictions, we couldn’t make you discover Switzerland too much in Leilany but we still visited the Cailler chocolate house and the Gruyère house. She loved it

Concerning our return to the Academy, it will be done with very strict hygiene restrictions and social distancing. The management of the French school has decided to extend the school year until July 3rd and the tennis year until August 1st. For my part, I am waiting to decide whether or not to maintain the Swiss championships which should take place in Bern and, depending on this decision, I will be able to plan the date of my return to Switzerland and finally a real holiday at home.